Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Mission Statement for Teaching

As a theatre educator, I strongly promote exploration, creativity and risk-taking in the classroom. I wish my students to learn about theatre, but also to have fun with the material! I achieve this by creating hands-on lessons that explore their imagination and creativity and allow them to be the experts! I strive to create a safe environment that is conducive to learning and makes everyone feel welcome. I work to maintain a holistic learning environment that incorporates students from all backgrounds and levels of experience. I create lesson plans that are easily accessible to all types of learners, so that each and every student can excel. In order to provide my students with a well-rounded theatre experience, I work in conjunction with outside teaching artists, actors, designers and other resources throughout the community to provide my students with the best theatre education available. My passion and energy in the classroom helps to excite my students and leaves them wanting to come back again and again! Above all, my goal is to act as a model for my students, so that they too can become compassionate, caring and understanding individuals with a passion for learning and life! I wish my students to use theatre as a way to express themselves and become confident with who they are. I have a strong passion for theatre and the desire to share the craft with my students. I instill high expectations in my students and urge those in my class to consistently work to their greatest potential, so that they may succeed both in and out of the classroom.  

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